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I am a full-stack web developer. I build stuffs for the web which are accessible and user-oriented. I basically convert a idea into real web products with great user experience.

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About Me

I have started my web development journey back in 3rd semester of my college started out by making a simple CRUD application in Javascript that made me to build interest in web dev.

I initially focused on learning and exploring different JS & CSS frameworks and libraries than to just stick around with only HTML, CSS and Javascript. Then after that I decided to opt React as main tech as it was perfect and easy to learn than others, so I started to make many projects with this library.

In the span of the time from the day I started, I have focused more on creating apps from ideas i get.

Here are some of the technologies I have worked upon recently

  • ReactReact
  • Next.jsNextJS
  • ExpressExpressJS
  • ReduxRedux
  • React QueryReact-Query
  • TypeScriptTypescript
  • Tailwind CSSTailwind CSS
  • MongoDBMongoDB
👷 Real-world


I have worked in these following companies to get the feel of how they work and how it's managed. It helped me alot about the development process, from code quality to collaboration, and many other crucial things.

Associate Software Developer @ Decision Foundry

Feb, 2022 - Present

  • Engineered modern SPA using Angular, JavaScript, Express JS, and MongoDB
  • Worked on refining and modifying key product features like Spreadsheets, URL Formats, and Workbook 10% Faster.
  • Integrated, and customized third-party libraries in a way that matches our business needs via Tailoring and Overriding some Native Library Methods for the worksheets
  • Refactor several APIs to Decrease DB calls resulted in a 30% reduction in response time
🔥 Hand-made


The following projects helped me alot in grasping & mastering a ton of concepts about frontend to backend.


Membook is a platform where you can share posts, react on them chat with others.

With Features like creating post, joining groups, messaging other users.

Next.jsNextJSExpressExpressJSTypeScriptTypescriptSocket.ioSocketIOTailwind CSSTailwind CSSMongoDBMongoDB


An Health EMR(electronic medical record) for patient management

Features as creating patients, doctors, reports(pdf's), management of patients, report archive.

ReactReactExpressExpressJSNode.jsNodeJSChakra UIChakra UIMongoDBMongoDB
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Feel free to ping me anytime and I would reply back in under 29 minutes(see, faster than Dominoes). I would be grateful if you are here to hire me. See you in my inbox ✌️.